The Future...

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I'm posting this here first because no one is likely to read it.
Anyone who knows me knows that my careere goal in life is to become a games journalist. Writing for a fansite like HearMii was only the beginning. Recently, I've made it my summer goal to be compensated for doing something related to games journalism whether it means money or free games to review. Thanks to some very useful social networking site, I've been sending out many applications to various sites with my writing samples (many of which were HearMii reviews).

Now the following sites have shown deep interest in me
AceGamez- they send out games to review
GamingTarget- they send out games to review

while nothing is finalized yet, things are moving quickly and soon I will most likely be doing freelance writing for both sites
What does this mean for me and HearMii?

I should be able to keep doing the podcast and be a part of the community. Also, most video content I produce will probably remain exclusive to this site. However, chances are the majority of my written work will be on one of those three sites and will be linked back to the blog much like the relationship between Storm, Destructoid and HearMii.

I'm very grateful to this site and everyone invested in it for giving me the chance to move forward like this. I'll update this post as things get confirmed

-Jordan "piffman2" Minor

let's see how long it takes for someone to comment on this

Piff's Music Videos 4- Samus is a Survivor

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To make up for the lack of updates I've decided to make this installment more experimental...
Basically,Metroid, DJ Hero and Beyonce Knowles all came together in my mind and exploded creating this

Today's Games: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Metroid: Other M
Today's Songs: Metroid Prime theme, Survivor by Destiny's Child


Just a bit longer...

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School ends for me in less than two weeks. Unfortunately that means finals are taking a priority over unpaid content on a Wii fansite. So podcasts will be the only things I'll be doing for a litle while. But don't worry, once Summer starts and I'll be ready to stay inside and play some more video games. I already have some ideas for new posts

also, Swords and Soldiers is pretty good

I will be reviewing Punch-Out!!...

By JMinor
because no one else on the staff seems to give a fuck about it :). I hope someone who reads this site does because I have a lot to say...and the games not even out yet

and on a completely random note...

Red Steel needs to take a page from Final Fantasy's book and have each game in the series only share the name and the vague concepts. That way RS3 can be pirate theme with pirate swords and guns and RS4 can be in space with lightsabers and blasters

Piff's Music Videos 3- Luigi's Mansion is a House of the Dead

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A month and a half later, you people should be happy that I made it this far

once again I ask, do you guys want this to be blog exclusive or do you think it is worthy to be posted on the main site? Sound off in the comments below

Today's Game: Luigi's Mansion

Today's Song: The House of the Dead: Overkill Theme


All Clocks

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Just watch


Piffman2 Watches the Watchmen

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If it's good enough for the school newspaper it's good enough for you

Hailed as the Citizen Kane of comics, Alan Moore’s Watchmen published in 1987 forever changed the medium with its brilliant and harrowing deconstruction of the superhero concept. 20 years later, 300 director Zack Snyder has finally brought the “unfilmable novel” to the big screen after many failed attempts leaving fans skeptical yet optimistic. As a fan of the book I have no problem saying that Watchmen the movie is not as good and won’t be as influential as Watchmen the book. However, what separates the two makes the film an intriguing animal in its own right.

Set in 1980’s Watchmen presents a world where America won Vietnam, Nixon is in his third term, the threat of nuclear annihilation is constantly lurking, and most importantly, superheroes exist. The term “superhero” is a little misleading though. The majority of Watchmen’s characters are merely average people in costumes. This one of many questions the film raises, what motivates someone to fight crime while wearing a mask? The variety of psychological issues that lead to that conclusion are exemplified in the six main members of “The Watchmen” a sort of Justice League of the most prominent masked avengers. Dan Dreiberg played by Patrick Wilson uses his Nite Owl persona to carry out repressed desires which are be both childish and sexual in nature. Crazed and traumatized detective Rorschach played by Jackie Earle Haley believes that evil must be punished through the most brutal of methods. Malin Akerman plays Laurie aka Silk Spectre II who resents her mother, the first Silk Spectre played by Carla Gugino, for pushing her into this ridiculous profession. The Comedian, played by Jeffery Dean Morgan, is immoral and jaded, believing that life is a joke. Matthew Goode plays Adrian Veidt who has set up a massive business empire after capitalizing own his superhero identity Ozymandias. Finally, Billy Crudup plays Dr. Manhattan who is granted God like powers from a freak accident. However, his omniscience is pulling him and further and further away from the rest of humanity. Standouts among the performances are Haley who brings gruffness and ferocity to Rorschach that sounds more natural than Christian Bale in The Dark Knight. Crudup also does well as the all CGI Dr. Manhattan, whose soft-spoken voice and subtle range of emotion portray a man trying his hardest to remain human but just can’t seem to do it. Akerman and Goode make their characters more appealing to me than they ever were in the book but both are too young for their roles and give weaker performances overall.

From its sexuality and stylized yet graphics violence and Watchmen is deserves its R-rating. Fan expecting more of the dark and bleak tone of The Dark Knight will not be disappointed. What might disappoint them is the plot which is less about superheroes fighting some sort of villain than it is about superheroes trying to remain relevant and effective in world where “inside of 30 thirty years, the nukes will be flying like maybugs.” The premise is that after one of the Watchmen has been killed, the paranoid Rorschach begins investigating a conspiracy to bring about the end of the world, writing notes in his journal and meeting up with former allies along the way. Back in 1977 superheroes were outlawed after riots from citizens and numerous police strikes. These people have no right to be vigilantes and even after coming out of retirement, many seem to be doing it for their own egos more than anything else. It’s a good thing that the emphasis is on plot because the actual actions scenes in Watchmen leave a lot to be desired. Snyder still uses some of the slow-motion effect from 300 and every punch feels so fake that I expected a giant “BAM” to show up on screen. But fans of the book would agree that fighting is no the point of Watchmen and the movie doesn’t overuse it. It feels like they did it to respect the book and not to be like every other mass-market action movie.

Without spoiling anything, there can never be a sequel to Watchmen. That’s why the idea of a movie scares so many fans because whoever does it only has one chance to get it right. Snyder chose to make the movie as faithful as possible, often times lifting entire scenes and dialogue straight out of the pages. There are problems with this method though. In the beginning the movie is a straight translation and therefore feels like individual issues rather than a cohesive movie. The ending however smartly blends plotlines and makes satisfying alterations and cuts from the original story. Steps were necessary to streamline the 400-page book into a nearly 3-hour movie. It should serve as a reminder to comic fans that things that work in comics don’t always work as movie and filmmakers shouldn’t be afraid to take a few liberties. There are some problems to the changes though. In order to keep the plot moving, Snyder omits much of the background information about much of the characters. Therefore it’s hard to sympathize with them later on. The use of licensed music is hit in miss with hits like Bob Dylan’s “The Times They are a Changing” showing the history of superheroes and misses like “99 Red Balloons” being played for no reason. The Cold War theme made the book a period piece for the 80’s but the film feels much more modern despite taking place in the same time period. Luckily, many themes still make sense in our post-911 world.

As fan of the book I’m happy to see new unexpected scenes that flesh out the world with information from the book but disappointed by how abridged the Watchmen movie feels overall. However, I’m glad that it exists to serve as a companion to the comic. People like me should enjoy this movie. However, I fear that those who are unaware of its legacy will be dazzled by the visual but confused and unimpressed by the plot.

when trouble's about you'd best watch out, for the Watchmen!

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Watching the Watchmen movie in about an hour

dear God I hope its a good as this


Piff's Music Videos 2- Madworld:Madworld

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Another AMV and I also have a question. Do you guys want this to be blog exclusive or do you think it is worthy to be posted on the main site? Sound off in the comments below

Today's Game: Madworld

Today's Song: Madworld by Tears for Fears



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That's how many Club Nintendo points I have. Too bad there are no rewards I want yet.

I realize that this is another headline that's just a number


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After destroying my prediction of a June release date for the DSi with its April 5th announcement, Nintendo decied to shoot down two more of my predictions today. Punch-Out!! is coming out on May 18th wich is good because it was earlier that what I expected. However, they also announced Excitebots (not Excite Boat unfortunately) which is probably Monster Games's secret project, not F-Zero. While that might be a good game, I would rather see those guys take a stab at another Nintendo license a little less "exciting"


Piff's Music Videos 1- Smash Bros: Take a Bow

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This is the first entry in my blog exclusive series, "Piff's Music Videos". Basically, it's a series of AMV's of Wii games.

Today's Game: Super Smash Bros Brawl
Today's Song: Take a Bow by Muse

Watch more videos of Smash Bros. Brawl

Dead Space Wii...a.k.a House of the Dead:Space

By JMinor

What you can't see is me, offscreen, getting shot in the face

Dead Space: Extraction. Extracting all hope you ever had for a quality third person shooter. Impressive graphics. On rails gameplay and people know I loves me some rail shooters. Epic Fail

What a great way to restart my new, functioning blog


please standby

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The Hear Mii Relaunch is going on now and Blogger is having some troubles applying the new themes to this blog. That's why the link has been removed. Things over here might a little ghetto for a while so please have patience.

On an unrelated note, I am surprised by how much I like Deadly Creatures. Stinging men in the balls

oh yes, there will be blood

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oh, i didn't see you there. This is the new blog of Hear Mii staff member and general Nintendo fanperson Piffman2. If you're reading this you've either...

1. typed in on the hope that this exists
2. you're assie who i'm currently talking to on AIM
3. Hear Mii has relaunched

since it's mostly likely number 3 you're from the future and Hear Mii has relaunched. we've been working on this for a while since the current site started going down hill. I'm sure it's all been explained by now. Look out for more reviews from me but probably more written ones. Whatever, it'll increase you vocabulary you infantile dunces

this will probably be the only post for a while since the relaunch hasn't actually happened. or has it? TIME PARADOX!