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The Future...

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I'm posting this here first because no one is likely to read it.
Anyone who knows me knows that my careere goal in life is to become a games journalist. Writing for a fansite like HearMii was only the beginning. Recently, I've made it my summer goal to be compensated for doing something related to games journalism whether it means money or free games to review. Thanks to some very useful social networking site, I've been sending out many applications to various sites with my writing samples (many of which were HearMii reviews).

Now the following sites have shown deep interest in me
AceGamez- they send out games to review
GamingTarget- they send out games to review

while nothing is finalized yet, things are moving quickly and soon I will most likely be doing freelance writing for both sites
What does this mean for me and HearMii?

I should be able to keep doing the podcast and be a part of the community. Also, most video content I produce will probably remain exclusive to this site. However, chances are the majority of my written work will be on one of those three sites and will be linked back to the blog much like the relationship between Storm, Destructoid and HearMii.

I'm very grateful to this site and everyone invested in it for giving me the chance to move forward like this. I'll update this post as things get confirmed

-Jordan "piffman2" Minor

let's see how long it takes for someone to comment on this

Piff's Music Videos 4- Samus is a Survivor

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To make up for the lack of updates I've decided to make this installment more experimental...
Basically,Metroid, DJ Hero and Beyonce Knowles all came together in my mind and exploded creating this

Today's Games: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Metroid: Other M
Today's Songs: Metroid Prime theme, Survivor by Destiny's Child


Just a bit longer...

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School ends for me in less than two weeks. Unfortunately that means finals are taking a priority over unpaid content on a Wii fansite. So podcasts will be the only things I'll be doing for a litle while. But don't worry, once Summer starts and I'll be ready to stay inside and play some more video games. I already have some ideas for new posts

also, Swords and Soldiers is pretty good

I will be reviewing Punch-Out!!...

By JMinor
because no one else on the staff seems to give a fuck about it :). I hope someone who reads this site does because I have a lot to say...and the games not even out yet

and on a completely random note...

Red Steel needs to take a page from Final Fantasy's book and have each game in the series only share the name and the vague concepts. That way RS3 can be pirate theme with pirate swords and guns and RS4 can be in space with lightsabers and blasters

Piff's Music Videos 3- Luigi's Mansion is a House of the Dead

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A month and a half later, you people should be happy that I made it this far

once again I ask, do you guys want this to be blog exclusive or do you think it is worthy to be posted on the main site? Sound off in the comments below

Today's Game: Luigi's Mansion

Today's Song: The House of the Dead: Overkill Theme


All Clocks

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Just watch