oh yes, there will be blood

By JMinor

oh, i didn't see you there. This is the new blog of Hear Mii staff member and general Nintendo fanperson Piffman2. If you're reading this you've either...

1. typed in piffman2.blogspot.com on the hope that this exists
2. you're assie who i'm currently talking to on AIM
3. Hear Mii has relaunched

since it's mostly likely number 3 you're from the future and Hear Mii has relaunched. we've been working on this for a while since the current site started going down hill. I'm sure it's all been explained by now. Look out for more reviews from me but probably more written ones. Whatever, it'll increase you vocabulary you infantile dunces

this will probably be the only post for a while since the relaunch hasn't actually happened. or has it? TIME PARADOX!

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